When snoring is a problem

June 2012

When snoring is a problem

Snoring can be a problem, both for the individual who snores and their long-suffering partner who braves lying beside them. Most people snore at some time or the other. This is normal, particularly if they have a cold and lay on their back. The best way to deal with someone snoring is to gently turn him or her onto his or her side, preferably facing away from you and remember they cannot help it.

Snoring is a serious problem when related to a medical condition called sleep apnea, and is an indication that the person snoring is experiencing short periods of time when they are not breathing. This type of snoring is often accompanied by a sharp intake of breath that does not seem to be released for quite some time. If you or your partner snore and are worried about the possibility of this being related to a medical problem it‘s important to have this checked out by your doctor.

A possible way to avoid snoring is to lose weight if you are larger than is recommended for your body frame. It will also help to avoid too much alcohol before bedtime, which can invariably lead to the type of snorting and guffawing usually only heard in the wilds of the jungle.

Some snorers have small raised bumps in their noses that cause an obstruction. These can often be painlessly removed and thereby diminish snoring activity.
Other people can snore for no particular problematic reason. This is fine if they are planning to sleep alone, but can cause problems if disturbing someone else. Sometimes people who snore do not realize the severity of the problem even though their bleary-eyed partner is unfocused in the morning and dreads another day when they have not slept.

The best solution to this problem is for both parties to recognize the difficulty being experienced, discuss it and agree that a spare bed for the non-snoring partner needs to be made available. It should be agreed upon that no one is to be offended by this as it is not personal, merely practical and makes good sense.

The only folks for whom snoring is not a problem are people who snore together, sleep soundly and have no related medical issues. If you have had such a couple stay in your house and lain awake all night listening to one person snort and blow bubbles as the other guffaws and snores during their partner’s intake of breath, you may find their audible velocity a nightmare, which is of course a problem for you.

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