Upgrade your Mattress

April 2018

upgrade your mattress

The sun is shining, birds are singing, flowers have started to bloom and your spring clean is just around the corner! However, there is a fly in the ointment. There is this old, used and annoying sentimental value object you can’t live without. Yes, we’re talking about your old mattress! It is time for an upgrade and you don’t know where to start? This article is for you.

Detect the trigger warnings

If you’ve outgrown your current mattress or if your mattress is so old that you don’t even remember when you bought it or worst, you noticed sagging and sides breaking on it? It is obviously time to buy a new one. Moreover, there are other factors that could make you think twice: if you wake up every morning with body aches, if you always feel too hot in bed or if you hear creaks when moving around, it is also time to consider switching.

Know your budget

There are two main related issues with buying a mattress. The first one is to figure out the real value for money and the second, is the price. Mattresses’ brands give themselves generous markups this is why higher prices don’t necessary mean better sleep. Let’s say you get 8 hours of sleep per night: that’s 2920 hours per year. Then considering the 8-year mattress recommended lifespan, it’s a total of 23360 hours! We do think that anything over $1500 doesn’t mean better quality, and anything under $500 may have a poorer quality. It’s worth investing in a mattress that will help you spend the best nights without overpaying.

Prioritize comfort, size, support and durability

Bigger is better: you and your partner should be able to roll over, move and stretch your bodies without disturbing each other’s sleep. In terms of support, focus on how your mattress is supporting your back and spine. You should never feel uncomfortable in relaxed position in your own bed. Durability is also a key indicator and it is something completely different from warranty: durability is based on comfort and material firmness, while warranty covers visible defects in a mattress.

Wait for the best time of the year for great deals

Unfortunately, April isn’t a great month to buy a new mattress. New models will be coming in soon that’s why manufacturers need to clear older mattresses. We recommend waiting for September since many companies offer offline and online special deals with Labour Day sales. You’ll probably have the chance to find handful of innerspring and memory foam sets on sale. Before buying, make sure to try your mattress, keep in mind that you can haggle in any sales channel, and prioritize sellers with a good return policy.

Choose the right mattress for your back

Everything depends on your sleeping habit. If you’re a back-sleeper, avoid soft mattresses that will not support your back enough and go with a medium-firm mattress that will support your lower back. If you’re sleeping on your stomach, firmer mattress is preferred as well. But if you sleep on the side, you should go with a softer one to cushion hips and shoulders. If you want to prevent back pain, a memory foam mattress is the best: it keeps a good lumbar support and perfect spine alignment. You can even pick a mattress that combines traditional coil springs and foam advantages.

Make your investment last

Mattresses and pillows must be cleaned at least twice a year, sheets and bedding every week. Use the appropriate cleaner to spot treat and remove stains from your mattress (for sure a baking soda recipe can be found anywhere on the web) and finish with a vacuum of the entire surface of the mattress while focusing on cracks. You can also buy a mattress pad to add an additional layer of protection.

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