Earth, Sounds and Relaxation

April 2018

Earth, Sounds and Relaxation

As every year, April 22nd is the day we celebrate Earth and demonstrate our support to climate and nature’s protection. This global event that counts over 1 billion people in 192 countries, is the largest environmental movement in the world. Whether you are on organization or an individual willing to make a positive change in the world, it is the day to clean up your surroundings, sign petitions, discuss with your elected officials or simply march to stand for your personal mission.

Earth’s day is also the day to thank the Earth for everything it gives us.

Human beings, animals, nature, air, water and sounds to name a few. Do you know that plenty of natural sounds from Earth could actually help you relaxing, meditating or sleeping while minimizing the effects of anxiety? Wherever you are right now, you may have the chance to benefit from these natural sounds but if you don’t live by the beach or if you stay downtown with some noisy neighbors, you got the option to find your haven of peace with our app Relax Melodies.

See below some examples of sounds you could enjoy on our app, and their benefits on health:

The Ocean, the rain, the beach.

The sounds of waves crashing on the beach seem like one of the most relaxing sound on Earth. Waves are a natural source of white noise that helps block distractions and environmental noises. It is known that flowing water has a powerful drowsing effect. This is due to the brain associating this sound with a non-threat and calming situation. Moreover, as a non-threatening noise, water drowns out other potential aggressive sounds.

The thunder and the wind.

Researchers have discovered why several sounds from nature are helping you to relax. Whether you are listening to the sound of the low rumble caused by thunder, or the soft and low sound of the wind, you can physically change your mind and bodily systems, which helps you to relax. Author Cassandra Gould van Praag from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School who conducted a study about this topic, mentioned “We are all familiar with the feeling of relaxation and ‘switching-off’… and now, we have evidence from the brain and the body which helps us understand this effect”.

Cat purring.

Australian researchers at the Baker Medical Research Institute in Melbourne were the first to recognize the health benefits of animal ownership. That is a fact: cat owners have lower stress, lower blood pressure and are more relaxed in general. First, the act of stroking a cat has a positive and calming effect on health. Second, cuddling up with a purring cat is certainly a relaxing experience: this sound frequency is believed to relieve pain.

If nature is the mother, we humans, are the spoiled children. So take a break from your daily life routine, enjoy the beauty of Earth, relax, go outside and hug a tree, plug in your earphones, listen to our melodies and you’ll quickly acknowledge how deep the power of Earth’s sounds affects your health.

Happy Earth Day!

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