Positive vibrations tune your brain with relaxing music

December 2013

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Have you ever considered that your brain is an instrument that can be tuned? If not, you could be missing out. Research shows that you can adjust your brainwaves so that you feel relaxed and calm. Whether you are highly sensitive and need help to unwind, have insomnia or depression that you want to relieve, or just want to enjoy a meditative state, you can fine-tune your brain so that you achieve your aim.

While you are not simply a mass of neurons and particles that make up your physical being, your brain does function in a structured manner. When neurons in your brain communicate, they fire electrical impulses to each other. The result can be that a particular brainwave state is induced. At the same time, hormones are released into your system. Studies reveal that people can alter their brainwaves by changing their thinking patterns and become relaxed as a result. The only trouble is that trying to get a lifetime of negative thoughts to budge and make room for a positive mindset can be tough. However, using music to achieve a calm state can be easier than working with positive intentions alone.

The rhythm of music also referred to as the frequency of beats, can make a significant difference to your experience. Fast-paced music can be uplifting if you are feeling down, but it can also increase stress if you are feeling anxious. Slow-paced music can help you feel relaxed and tranquil, but can also make you dreamy and lack focus. Before you listen to music as a self-help method, identify the mental state you desire, and select suitable music that will be beneficial to you.

Most relaxing music can help you experience an alpha brainwave state, in which you feel calm, but are able to think clearly and are alert. Some other music can take you into deeper brainwave states, in which you gain the ability to think creatively and feel pleasurably tranquil. In addition, brainwave entrainment audio can be designed to alter your conscious state so that you are so incredibly relaxed that you fall asleep.

By tuning your mind with music, you can develop new neural pathways in your brain that help you experience a state of relaxation naturally at whim. Doing so can take time, however, but listening to calm music can invoke an immediate response that lasts for several hours.

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