Is Anger Keeping You Awake?

December 2014

anger keeping you awake

If you are particularly angry, built up stress could keep you up at night. Emotional pressure can come from any situation you face that leaves your heart racing and your mind in turmoil. Learning how to unravel feelings of anger can help you get some sleep.

Often, the best way to deal with anger is to transform your feelings. Of course, doing so is not always easy, and anger can be bound by a sense of injustice and helplessness combined. If this describes how you feel, it is no wonder that you find it hard to sleep. However, you can do something to regain healthy slumber.

Expel vigor by getting plenty of exercise since anger can produce negative energy that is best discharged. Additionally, going for a run or a bike ride, can help stimulate feel-good hormones that help you deal with your emotions. Save any strenuous exercise for the daytime rather than leaving it until the evening, which is the time to unwind.

When you go to bed, take your mind away from your problems by focusing on breathing in and out slowly and deeply. Feel your breath entering your body, and imagine that it is filled with cleansing blue light. As you exhale, picture negativity leaving your body as clouds of grey.

After a few moments, begin focusing your attention on your toes, and curl them tightly, hold, and then release. Continue this exercise by slowly working up your body, clenching, holding, and releasing tension.

When you have begun to relax and focused from toe to scalp, mentally scan your body for feelings of tightness. Chances are that any tight areas are the result of the anger that you hold. Mentally picture them as knots. Visualize a blue, healing light seeping into each one, and notice that it is becoming looser and looser. See every knot unravel, and breathe deeply as though your breath is traveling to areas that were formally tight.

Now, think of a wonderful holiday or other experience that made you happy. Let a smile form upon your lips as you focus on pleasant thoughts. Hold the picture in your mind’s eye for a while, and really concentrate on making the image clear and full of color. Let this memory become the last thing you think of as you drift into sleep.

Not sleeping because you have pent up emotions is a bind. Nonetheless, you can release tension and fill your mind with positive thoughts as you wind down, relax, and let go, so that you can sleep.

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